Barry Hearn - The Completed Interview

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Barry Hearn - The Completed Interview

Post by M H » Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:58 am

Hi Barry, thanks for answering our questions.
When I recently spoke to Olly Croft I asked him about your bid for the BDO, I think he called you a "Cheeky Monkey". Being honest I thought it was a stunt due to how it was announced in the press. Was I right or was it a matter of a serious bid hidden behind a publicity stunt?

It was a wholly serious bid from ourselves. We’ve now reinvested this money into the PDC system, partly with setting up the PDC Unicorn Youth Tour this year, which has been a massive success so far. I think we saw at the UK Open that the future is bright for these young stars who are getting their opportunities not just on the Youth Tour but also now on the ProTour.

How serious did you/the PDC treat the womens championship, from the outside looking in it would appear that once the like of Ana or Deta didn't make the final the PDC quickly lost interest in the final & after the performance of the 2 finalists couldn't wait to drop the womens game from the PDC

Again, we took the event very seriously – any one of the women who played in it I’m sure will testify to that. But we tried it and it wasn’t as successful as we wanted.

Are there any plans to have the Pro Tour events streamed online

Not at present but this is certainly something which may come in the future – we had previously streamed the latter stages of UK Open Qualifiers but the costs would have to work.

Any plans to bring the pro tour events back to Scotland?

Not yet but it’s something which may be possible in the future should a suitable venue become available.

What did you hope to achieve by publicly belittling Martin Adams before the first Grand Slam and do you regret what you said?

I didn’t belittle Martin Adams at all, I merely questioned his desire to compete against the best players in darts. Turning down invitations as he did provided the answer I expected.

Hi barry. I'm assuming you've seen the letter to the bdo and their response. What are your views on it. Also in light of what happened in Glasgow with the crowd and the frequent comments from the players about the crowd, do you have any plans to help improve the order given to players?

The BDO’s business is their business. With regards to the crowds, we’re continually working to improve crowd behaviour and hope that people come to PDC events to enjoy the best darts on offer in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Are you glad olly is gone ? whats your opinion on Adams on the bdo board ?

As per my previous comment, the BDO’s business is their business, not mine.

Further to the BDO board being ousted do you feel there's an opportunity for co operation between the PDC and the BDO? Are you considering making another offer?

Definitely not, I have no intention of doing that. As I mentioned, we have invested that money elsewhere since.

Do you frequent internet forums? If so which ones do you view on a regular basis?

Yes, I do – but it’s a secret which ones!

Hello Uncle Barry,
Are there any other channels other than SKY and ITV that have shown an interest in showing PDC darts in the near future and if so which tournaments might they be?

Yes, but that’s a secret, too! As always, we’ll announce any deals first through

As well as having the World Cup of darts which involves pairs, are there any plans to introduce any other pairs tournaments?

Not at the moment.

Is there a chance we could see the PDC V BDO champions play each other on TV again and become a regular fixture?


Dear Barry,
Recently, some of the players, most noticeably james wade, have come out & voiced an opinion that the 64 man world championship is bloated & in the early stages at least, lacks the spirit & drama you would expect from a WC. Do you foresee a change in the near future where this event will switch to the optimum format of 32 competitors? Or do you think the 64 man event is the way forward?

No, I think it’s brilliant as it is!

Would you ever consider investing in Scottish football, perhaps the north east? a city like Aberdeen?

No – are you mad?!

Have you given yourself a date where you will walk away from darts and put your feet up?

Only when I die.

Are you still in contact with Nicola Cowell and will she ever be back in any special guest appearances?

Nicola’s not in the UK at the moment as I understand but I’m sure she’ll be back one day.

Whats the lowest you've finished a game of 501 in?

About 3 ½ days!

Have you let your son have more control over the game these days?

Not yet, but it’s coming!

Can you explain the last minute decision to have a draw for the semi finals of the UK Open?

It was not a last-minute decision and it’s the only fair way.

Have you tried to get PDC events broadcast by the BBC? If not is it on the agenda for the future?

Of course we want everyone to be able to enjoy the greatest darts players on earth, but it has to be for the right money – top-class darts costs top-class money.
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Re: Barry Hearn - The Completed Interview

Post by Randall » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:55 pm


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Re: Barry Hearn - The Completed Interview

Post by M H » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:57 pm

A let down this one as I wanted a voice interview and this was all he'd give us
When you actually feel anger over a place like this it's time to get a life

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