Cannibal's darts vendetta thread; sponsored by skweezit

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Re: Cannibal's darts vendetta thread; sponsored by skweezit

Post by JH01 » Sat Jun 29, 2019 7:22 pm

Indeed. A bit too much love from Glenda there, its the closed eyes as well. One thing I will say for the BDO though, I think the lakeshite trophy is much better than the piece of crap that they hand out at Ally Pally.

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Re: Cannibal's darts vendetta thread; sponsored by skweezit

Post by Rogg » Sat Jun 29, 2019 8:05 pm

cannibal wrote:
Sat Jun 29, 2019 6:32 pm
JH01 wrote:
Sat Jun 29, 2019 6:11 pm
cannibal wrote:
Sat Jun 29, 2019 5:22 pm
Here is two things that I find stupid, repulsive and make players look like right tits.

1) Pictures of winners at darting events "fanning" cash like some piece of shit gangster. I can live with pictures of those stupid novelty checks, as long as the spelling is correct on them. That is about giving title sponsors some due, I can live with that they put the money up they deserve to be in the picture.

2) Kissing trophies. I was just moaning about a certain bag carrier being a bitch, well kissing a trophy makes you look like an even bitchier biotch, if that is possible. Here is a sport that is supposed to be filled with the salt of the earth working men, and here they are giving a good snog to piece of fucking metal. Just cut your balls off for gods sake and start your hormone therapy already.

Fortunately I am so crap at darts I won't have to be put in either of those situations.
Given some of the eyesores that pass for trophies in darts, I'm surprised any player would want to.
Your avatar is the perfect e.g. of an excellent picture of a champion with a trophy. Part is cradling the trophy with affection, appreciation, and satisfaction of his accomplishment. At the same time his eyes are soft and emotional yet you know in the relationship between him and the trophy he is the "top" in the relationship. This is as close to the line of Brokeback Mountain that it should go.

Meanwhile pictures that go full on Brokeback Mountain are a step to far imho. like the following. In this case you know that trophy owns his ass and he isn't complaining.
Never thought about it like that. I don't remember anyone ever helplessly melting into a trophy like Durrant there. Jordan Henderson maybe. When Durrant wins the Sid Waddell Trophy we'll be left wishing he'd only kissed it.

When MVG won his first world title. No reverence, even the first time. Pointing at it and screaming. He was claiming that fucker as rightful property.

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Re: Cannibal's darts vendetta thread; sponsored by skweezit

Post by cannibal » Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:36 pm

Glad the US world series stop is done and dusted. If I hear another useless moron claim how the the U.S. qualifiers are getting tougher, the players getting better and how the top players can compete on the PDC tour: I will be begging for a Chris Mason Lump Hammer to crush my fucking skull.

Ok Baggish was a pleasant surprise. Other than that we saw exactly the results of what one should expect given the NA standard of play. Same standard they played last year, difference was no wins this time around and last time they had 2 go thru the 1st round. Count legs if you want but lets be honest that is a shit way to count things because it is about winning, beating who is in front of you and moving thru. Counting legs is just a whinging bitches way of making themselves happy to support the soil their mommy spat them out on. Counting legs is the wooden spoon.

Lets take a look at the claim that the qualifiers are getting tougher. Also with the same stone we will put to death that other stupid claim that the yanks are getting better.
Here is a distribution of the avgs over the last 3 qualifiers:
NA world series qualifiers avgs

2017: 179 players
85+ = 5 3%
80+ = 21 12%
70- = 100 56%

2018: 176 players
85+ = 6 3%
80+ = 21 12%
70- = 112 64%

2019: 190 players
85+ = 8 4%
80+ = 22 12%
70- = 126 66%

So it looks to me the number of players throwing 80 avg or better is about the same. The pile of fodder at the bottom looks to be growing slightly so that is slightly less stagnant than the top level.

So one might argue that the CDC is seeing increased avgs. Yes they are but that is coming from more top players entering events. These players are pushing up the avg of both the CDC qualifiers and the main events. So adding a handful of new quality players to the CDC events has crowded out some of the dross that would come thru the qualifiers and clog up the first round of the main event. So that is a positive thing for the CDC but not having an impact on the NA world series qualifiers because these players would aslo be there as they are in the CDC now.

I personally don't see an improvement in the overall standard for the NA World Series qualifiers, just a new face in Baggish. Which is a positive thing but lets not turn one new player who is more than likely going to flounce off bag to soft tip like Willy B did, into something more.
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