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Re: Cannibal Cuts

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 3:21 pm
by cannibal
Sometimes I try to force myself to like something, deceiving myself into thinking there is something here I need to appreciate. Most of the time that approach doesn't work and in this case specifically regarding Elle King's second album "Shake the Spirit"; I should have went with my gut and stopped trying. The reason I even gave this a go was that I had read it was homage to her influences. I'm always interested in these kind of things to hear what others hear in things that influenced them.

Shake the Spirit is a piss poor effort to pay tribute. I wasted a good 5 hours of my life trying to like this. The critics once again failed me praising this album. Much like Des Jacklin conning people in to believing they can deliver when the fact is they can't. In King's case she is much like the King in darts spouting they have some kind of A game that in reality never or rarely appears.

The idea was good and should have left her with the opportunity to have a well rounded, fun and diversified listening experience. End result is her voice isn't that good and over production of her vocals isn't going to fix that, proof of that is every fucking track on this album. Weak arrangements and poor musicianship can't be fixed by over production either. Again proof, every fucking track on this album. End of the day probably the only reason Elle King is getting any attention is her daddy's fame (anti vac scum Rob Schneider, who lets face it was funny for about 5 minutes)

In short an over produced shower of shit with weak musicians and underdeveloped ideas that probably would make a less than average demo tape. Not even worth a youtube link to sample a listen as I can't morally bring myself to waste your time.

Re: Cannibal Cuts

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 4:02 pm
by cannibal
Tuesday! you cunts know that means a 2'fer when I am not so lazily inclined not to touch this thread for months on end. So here it is: A highly produced album that works but may have been better with less production and more real musicians instead of sampling.

Maggie Rogers album "Heard it in a Past Life" is a pleasant listen. Nothing earth shattering but a nice listen. It has some hooks so I can see why it is popular, and the over produced loops and sampling create a good atmosphere for her voice and song craft to be in the forefront where it should be. I readily admit this type of music isn't my taste but I found myself listening to this more than a couple times. I like her voice and I typically don't like this singing style of wispy, abbreviated phrasing. She falls somewhere between indie and contemporary R&B. This is an unabashed pop album and typically I despise this shit. But I have to say I don't hate this album.

I do think there is some holding back on her singing where she could really let it flow with passion instead of reservation. I think putting here with musicians would add a more genuine dynamic and a fuller less sterile sound could spark her on to better things. She shows some promise for the future but I think this time out of the box she is giving too much deference to those more experienced in the studio. If she can shake those shackles then I think she will find her own style and real voice as an artist.

In short not a bad start for an aspiring artist and hopefully a learning experience that puts here on a path for an artist to find her own way.

2 tracks that I particularly liked

full album playlist

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Posted: Fri Jan 24, 2020 7:11 pm
by cannibal
Welcome 2020, the lazy fuck that I am; I'm still back in 2019 on my album list of stuff to listen to. And here I am listening to the Neptune Power Federation. At first glance this was a band with a gimmick. Not a bad thing if the gimmick is backed up with something of substance. Neptune Power Federation actually has 2 gimmicks and the ability of backing it up with material of substance. Gimmick 1 is they are a retro rocking genre bending musical outfit. A hard rock psychedelia outfit that brings a modern sound that is full of hooks and upfront guitar presence to make it all work (this is the substance). Gimmick 2 is they are fronted by a character who is a time and space traveling femme fatale. The matter of substance is this woman can sing, and front the band with a presence and consistent character line that just works.

I readily admit that I am a sucker for retro rockers and genre benders, but they need to bring some quality artistry to the table to keep me coming back and listening. If you don't bring that extra something your just a fucking useless bunch of posers. Neptune Power Federation is an outfit that delivers on both fronts. This band is Bangles meets The Doors then had an affair with Alice Cooper. Outrageously it works.

Their 2019 release "Memories of a Rat Queen" finds this outfit bringing together the best of the prior 2 releases for a fine piece of good time rollicking rock n roll fun sprinkled with plenty of hooks. No need to get into a track by track breakdown just take some time to fucking listen to them and find out what they about. I really liked this album as it avoided the fault of falling into a single sound repeated over and over. Don't get me wrong their is a signature sound but the ability for time changes and good musicianship makes for an enjoyable listen thru the whole album.

Here is the big track for the release. Not my favorite but it gives an excellent taste of what they are about.

this track, I think is a better representation of what they are about.

This was my favorite track on the album.

the whole album. enjoy!

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Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 4:57 pm
by cannibal
Sticking with the musicians who go retro; Marcus King is an artist who the critics have been praising for a few years now. A young artist who worked with his father at a young age traveling the south and mid atlantic in a blues band. Critics rave about his guitar playing. No doubt he is a fine player; but he isn't doing anything new or even incredibly flashy, but he knows how to play extremely well in a band and fits a groove that just works. Definitely slanted to the blues but incorporates country and rock in a very seemless way like his Piedmont Plain predecessors have always done. This a region of America where bluegrass, country, blues and traditional R&B came together to create a style of Americana music that has had a massive impact on defining American Culture in music.

The album "El Dorado" is labeled as a solo effort by Marcus King. Leaving behind the band from his previous work and enlisting an entire new group of musicians and a new producer puts the true stamp on this being a solo effort not just a re-branding of the same stuff he has done on the previous 3 releases (which btw are fine pieces of work and each subsequent release showing a development in Marcus King building on what he does best). The new producer takes an interesting approach and focuses more on Marcus King as a singer, which lets be honest isn't the strongest of his talents. Ok he isn't a bad vocalist, but one would think highlight the strength of his talents early in his career and keep doing what is working. This producer defies the odds and does the opposite of what a fucking normal person would think was the recipe for success. I have to admit the producer was absolutely right and an idiot like myself doesn't know shit about how do to things, because this is magic, lightning in a bottle. The right choice of songs and writing with the addition of expanding and accentuating Marcus King influences pour out in a well crafted album that has diversity; moves from soul to country to blues and mixing all the shit together to come up with the golden egg. The producer had the brilliance to take the vulnerability of the young king's vocals to select the right soul filled songs to make you believe that this youngster has the experience of a much older performer in heart break as well as new love, in addition to just being a hardened old soul of country blues with a modern twist.

I could go on and on about how the musicians and King meld into a relationship to bring out the best of each other as well as the song craft. But honestly the proof is in the listening. Regardless of what you like in music there is something here for everyone, it is just good fucking stuff. I listened to over a 1000 albums in the last year and most don't get a second or third play. "El Dorado" has gotten dozens of listen from me, I really enjoyed this album and even more interesting is I am not a fan of country music but the tracks I enjoyed the most are the ones that actually have the country influence. Give "El Dorado" a listen, if you find your time wasted feel free to blame me and curse me and my family. I am confident that if you like music you will find plenty hear to enjoy.

Hardest part is finding the best tracks to give you sense of what this album is about as they are all pretty damn good. So I will highlight the diversity of styles.

blues/rock mainstay to his previous work:



Introspective soul, singer song writer piece:

playlist for full album:

Re: Cannibal Cuts

Posted: Mon Feb 24, 2020 8:19 pm
by Randall
Distinctive vocal that transcends genre
I like it.

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Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 2:09 pm
by cannibal
This is the "Cuts" hit and run version. i.e. try to keep it short.

Slowly coming out of the Covid Comma. Major sign of my illness has been the lack of Heavy Metal in my rotation of music listening. Not sure why that is but the more extreme form of metals have been lacking from my diet for some time. I have never been a huge fan of black or death metal or any of its variants. But I have always made it a practice to have a snack on these from time to time as I do enjoy it when in the right mood and I like to see what musicians are adding to these genres. I do like melodic death metal like Children of Bodom more than the other forms.

I ran across Obscura's "Diluvium" and thought it was an enjoyable and interesting listen and kept me listening more than a few times. Death Metal with a Progressive and Power Metal twist. Enough variation to keep me interested as it wasn't just a wall of noise and cookie monster vocals. A most excellent review from Angry Metal Guy webzine, who always do pretty damn good reviews.

Also listened to Noveria's "Aequilibrium" which I thought was pretty good. A modern Power Metal album put together with some skill. And another very good review from the angry minions at Angry Metal Guy. ... um-review/

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Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 10:54 am
by cannibal
Another Hit And Run of 'Cuts'. Yes that is a reference to Def Leppard, new release 4 CD set Early Years. Half way thru it so I won't bless you with my fucking amazing opinion that anyone who listens to music should take as gospel truth. In fact I am not going to give much of my opinion at all today. But I want to point out that I am listening to albums in 2020 so please call me Mr Contemporary.

An opinion that you should take with more than a grain of salt is those over at Angry Metal Guy. And they rate God Father and Sludge Master from Na'wlins Kirk Windstein new album "Dream In Motion" as good, not great, not shit. Personally I think its pretty damn good so I would bump it up one spot higher than the reviewer. Mr Windstein hasn't broken new ground but switched it for sure. Nice to see him venture out of the sludge and do something a little different than most would expect from him. I liked it anyways. ... on-review/

Here is something I really liked and thought was absolutely the cat's piss. Pinewalker "Migration" not your normal doom affair. A blending of different things that certainly has the sound familiar to doom but something that sounds new in a genre that I love but readily admit has gone a bit stale over the years. Hopefully Pinewalker adds to this debut with more of the same creative flare. Again I would give this a very good rating over the reviews just good. But what in the fuck do I know, I'm no Angry Guy minion. ... on-review/