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Re: Cannibal Cuts

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 3:21 pm
by cannibal
Sometimes I try to force myself to like something, deceiving myself into thinking there is something here I need to appreciate. Most of the time that approach doesn't work and in this case specifically regarding Elle King's second album "Shake the Spirit"; I should have went with my gut and stopped trying. The reason I even gave this a go was that I had read it was homage to her influences. I'm always interested in these kind of things to hear what others hear in things that influenced them.

Shake the Spirit is a piss poor effort to pay tribute. I wasted a good 5 hours of my life trying to like this. The critics once again failed me praising this album. Much like Des Jacklin conning people in to believing they can deliver when the fact is they can't. In King's case she is much like the King in darts spouting they have some kind of A game that in reality never or rarely appears.

The idea was good and should have left her with the opportunity to have a well rounded, fun and diversified listening experience. End result is her voice isn't that good and over production of her vocals isn't going to fix that, proof of that is every fucking track on this album. Weak arrangements and poor musicianship can't be fixed by over production either. Again proof, every fucking track on this album. End of the day probably the only reason Elle King is getting any attention is her daddy's fame (anti vac scum Rob Schneider, who lets face it was funny for about 5 minutes)

In short an over produced shower of shit with weak musicians and underdeveloped ideas that probably would make a less than average demo tape. Not even worth a youtube link to sample a listen as I can't morally bring myself to waste your time.

Re: Cannibal Cuts

Posted: Tue Apr 02, 2019 4:02 pm
by cannibal
Tuesday! you cunts know that means a 2'fer when I am not so lazily inclined not to touch this thread for months on end. So here it is: A highly produced album that works but may have been better with less production and more real musicians instead of sampling.

Maggie Rogers album "Heard it in a Past Life" is a pleasant listen. Nothing earth shattering but a nice listen. It has some hooks so I can see why it is popular, and the over produced loops and sampling create a good atmosphere for her voice and song craft to be in the forefront where it should be. I readily admit this type of music isn't my taste but I found myself listening to this more than a couple times. I like her voice and I typically don't like this singing style of wispy, abbreviated phrasing. She falls somewhere between indie and contemporary R&B. This is an unabashed pop album and typically I despise this shit. But I have to say I don't hate this album.

I do think there is some holding back on her singing where she could really let it flow with passion instead of reservation. I think putting here with musicians would add a more genuine dynamic and a fuller less sterile sound could spark her on to better things. She shows some promise for the future but I think this time out of the box she is giving too much deference to those more experienced in the studio. If she can shake those shackles then I think she will find her own style and real voice as an artist.

In short not a bad start for an aspiring artist and hopefully a learning experience that puts here on a path for an artist to find her own way.

2 tracks that I particularly liked

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